About Us

The producer Christo Bakalski, born 1953, established his first company Filmcontact 1990 in Berlin. His first film “Berlin Dreams” was shown on the SDR TV. 1992 he acted as a co-founder of the Sofia production company Borough Film Ltd., which he left in 1998. His feature Film “Thundering Stones” was shown on the Berlin Film Festival in 1996. In 1998 he founded BulDoc Ltd., of which he is the sole owner since 2005. From January 2005 on Niya Yakimova works in the permanent position as an executive producer of the company. Julia Bakalski works since 2009 as a cutter and translator in Buldoc.

BulDoc is mostly producing Bulgarian documentaries and gives Christo Bakalski the chance to work as an exclusive shareholder. It is his succeeding company of Borough Film and allows him to fully attend to his production activity in his hometown Sofia. On larger projects Christo Bakalski mainly works with experienced filmmakers. As an executive producer he involves himself with the younger filmmakers to stay in contact with the next generation.

Having completed his feature-length documentary Bulgaria of all Places in 2007, Christo Bakalski mainly centers on the production activity of BulDoc. The company distributed films with the patronage of the Bulgarian National Film Centre, obtained subsidies for the realization of Weeks Of The Bulgarian Cinema in Hamburg, München, Potsdam and Berlin and works as an executive producer for foreign productions in Bulgaria. BulDoc worked on a lot of short and some longer documentaries.

Buldoc has produced short documentaries for Europa TV and the Goethe Institut Bulgaria.


Christo Bakalski – Scriptwriter, Director, Producer


BERLIN DREAMS; Betacam SP, 54 min, scriptwriter, director and producer, broadcasted by SWR and BNT (Bulgarian National TV), bought by Goethe Institute
Festivals: Freiburg Video Festival, Potsdam Film Festival, Prix Futura Berlin


DIE ACKERFLÄCHEN; Betacam SP, 15 min, scriptwriter and director, commissioned by the Berliner Borough Council of Weißen


THE CITADEL; 35mm, 28 min, documentary, producer,

broadcasted by Canal+ France, Canal+ Belgium, TV 5, BNT

Festivals: Rotterdam, Graz, Selb, Potsdam,

Awards: DEFA Documentary Film Award at the Potsdam Film Festival


MURDERSTORIES; 35 mm, 43 min; documentary, producer, broadcasted by BNT

Festivals: Vue-sur-les-docs Marseilles, Mannheim, Varna 

                               Awards: Golden Rose in Varna for best film since 1989


88 ODER 00; Betacam SP, 28 min, scriptwriter, director and producer, commissioned by the Brandenburgische Landeszentrale für Politische Bildung


THE ROAD TO EUROPE; 16 mm, 52 min, Documentary in co-production with Canal+ and Lapsus Film Paris

Festivals: Pessac and Varna


THUNDERING STONES; 35 mm, 116 min, feature film, lead producer, co-produced with Zelie Film Paris, broadcasted by BNT

Festivals: 46th Berlin Film Festival (International Forum), Strasbourg, Selb, Varna, Calcutta, Montreal, Quebec City, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Belfort


MIRUPAFSHIM; 35mm, 120 min, co-produced as minority producer with Ch. Voupouras, Greece and TVS, Cyprus, funded by EURIMAGES

Festivals: Thessaloniki


TUVALU; 35mm, 120 min, Veit Helmer Filmproduktion, coordination Bulgaria; available from Buena Vista, worldwide distributor Bavaria München


UNSER AUSLAND 10 Experten aus 10 Ländern – und was ihnen hierzulande auffällt; Video exhibition by Dorothee Wenner, 120 min, Produktion Eins – Cine Plus, as one of the experts


BULGARIA OF ALL PLACES; DigiBeta / 35 mm, 94 min; documentary, lead producer, scriptwriter and director, broadcasted by MDR

                               Festivals: 11th Sofia Film Fest



DigiBeta , 70 min, documentary, Executive producer, Director of one part out of eight, broadcasted by TV EVROPA


ABOUT SOULS AND OTHER SMALL THINGS, digital, 80 Minutes, documentary, producer

Festivals. Sofia FilmFest in march 2012, Plovdiv Filmfestival in December 2012


GERMANS AND BULGARIANS IN BARDARSKI GERAN, 8 min.,  documentary, executive producer, director.


 THE ROMANTIC GERMAN BULGARIAN HISTORY, 19,32 min., documentary, executive producer, director


BERLIN 93, 54 min., documentary,  producer, co-director